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  • 5 Ways Counseling Can Help Your Teen.

    1. EMOTIONAL CONTROL- Your teen is dealing with some BIG and OVERWHELMING emotions. Whether it’s sadness, anger, fear, anxiety, counseling teaches teens to manage emotions.

    2. MOOD REGULATION-As teens become more in touch with their feelings and how to control it themselves, the rollercoaster of emotions won’t be such a wild ride!

    3. RELATIONSHIPS- Counseling offers the opportunity for your teen to learn how to build healthy relationships with others. We talk about boundaries, A LOT!

    4. COMMUNICATION- In counseling we teach teens how to effectively communicate their need to others. We teach barriers to communication and provide opportunities for teens to communicate with parents in our family sessions.

    5. PROBLEM SOLVING-Counseling offers a safe space for teens to talk about their problems. We then walk them through problem solving and teach them how to apply this to future problems.

    Counseling can help your teen with all this and MORE. Get them started today by calling Kabod  counseling, LLC 5131 Manatee Ave, West Bradenton Fl, 34205 Phone: (941) 725-9732 Email:[email protected]