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    Want to know how to help your teenager or young adult build her self-confidence and know-how to have meaningful/lasting interactions with others around her? Kabod Counseling offers support groups to females ranging from ages 12-16 years of age. Joining a support group is highly recommended. Support groups do not focus on one’s flaws but it is focused on strengths. It will help your teen to develop empathy for themselves and others. Through peer support, your teen will learn to push themselves and each other to flourish beyond their current situations. Teen girls would be encouraged to create the life they want to see and deserve.

    Girls develop healthy relationships in group’s which serve as a bridge to forming healthy relationships in their families, schools, etc. More specifically, girls will learn to build positive relationships with peers and community members through group support and experiential activities.

    Support groups fosters healing, a sense of identity and belongingness through building safe, secure, and respectful relationships within a community of teen girls.

    Support Group Leaders have found that when working in groups, teens gain support from others who are experiencing similar situations or who have adjusted well after experiencing a similar situation in the past.

    Girls develop healthy relationships in group’s which serve as a bridge to forming healthy relationships in their families, schools, etc. More specifically, girls will learn to build positive relationships with peers and community members through group support and experiential activities.

    Benefits of Therapy Groups for Girls

    • Improved self-esteem
    • Receive emotional support
    • Resolve conflicts with oneself and people
    • Identify beliefs, feelings, and behaviors that are negatively impacting our disposition
    • Try out new solutions to old problems
    • Analyze and challenge media messages
    • Leadership skills
    • Improve relationships with friends or family
    • Meaningful interactions with peers
    • Acquire skills to successfully navigate through everyday social situations with greater confidence.

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    Support Group Dates: Ongoing

    Group Time: Every Tuesday at 6 pm

    Group Cost: Free

    Spots: 10 Participants per group

    Meet Place: Virtual

    Meeting link will be given to teens who are registered

    If you would like to register: Complete the Information & Consent Form

    We are enough, Hope & Healing Black Girls Empowerment Support Group

    As you know in today’s society, our girls of color often face some of the most difficult challenges in this day and age that pertains to racism, sexual violence, sexual harassment, different stigmas, stereotypes and different issues related to body image. Also let’s talk about the stereotypes that labels black girls as highly aggressive and confrontational. This is why, it is our passion to be a solution and provide a safe space of support for our black girls to unpack and process their feelings in a confidential place. A place where they can heal and talk about topics that they might be uncomfortable having with anyone else. They will have the chance to let their hair down and be authentically themselves without judgment in a safe place to heal and to meet other girls of color who might be battling with the same things. This group will also provide the tools necessary to help your teen navigate through life.

    We will embrace a sisterhood by forming supportive bonds and addressing emotional issues that affect black girls mental health and everyday life.

    This group will offer support group sessions surrounding topics such as

    Our Body, Our Skin and Hair Textures ~Self-confidence & Self-esteem.

    Parents just don’t understand~maintaining positive relationship with parents.

    Barries for black girls in school

    To Smile or Not to Smile, I don’t have an attitude~My Mood… Dealing with depression and anxiety.

    Dating and friendships as a black girl

    Register Now:

    Support Group Dates: September 8th-October 6th.

    Group Time: Every Wednesday at 6pm

    Group Cost: Free

    Spots: 10 Participants per group

    Meeting Place: Virtual

    Meeting link will be given to teens who are registered.

    If you would like to register: Complete the information and Consent Form.


    “The girls support group helps boost your self-esteem and you make friends with teenagers like you. There are a lot of supportive girls here and I have made some friends from this experience. I believe that the girls support group is great and I’m hoping to see more people there in the future. If I could describe the girls support group in one word it would be enthusiastic because it just brings my day up and makes me feel wanted and welcomed. This group is very supportive, loving, and helps me I wouldn’t change anything.” -LB

    “It is helpful to talk about something you need help with to get a solution or feedback on what to do in that situation, this is what happens in the girls support group. My favorite part is getting to know new people and knowing that I’m not alone and knowing that other people are experiencing the same thing I am. To anyone who wanted to join I would tell them that it’s a great idea, I have a good time while also learning many important things that will help me as a person. One word to describe the girl support group is encouragement because I have received lots of encouragement from multiple people in the group. The girls support group is helpful and a good experience and there’s nothing I would want them to do differently.” -LR

    “The girl support group is fun I like the things that we have in common. It’s my favorite part when we make jokes and find out how many things we have in common with each other. To those interested they should join because it’s a good safe space and because they listen and give good advice. I don’t believe that the facilitators should’ve done anything differently.” -EW

    “I want to say thank you to the facilitators of the girls support group because the group makes me feel positive because I always come away with positive insight. I’ve really enjoyed the friends that I’ve made throughout my experience in the girls support group. I would recommend the girls support group because they are very supportive and always help cheer me up. They also have great deep conversations as well. My advice would be open and vulnerable when joining the group to get the most out of it.” -MB