You look at your adolescent and wonder what happened to your sweet, happy kid? Your parent intuition is telling you something is not right. There have been too many changes, too fast. Adolescence is a stage of life  that brings with it a lot of change, physically, socially, and emotionally. Whether your child is entering adolescence (ages 9-14), in the middle of adolescence (ages 15-17), or at the end of adolescence (ages 18-21), you will find that each stage brings it's challenges. Most parents brace themselves and suffer through it, as does their teen, but it doesn't have to be this way! In fact, not addressing the issues can lead to poor decision making, risky behaviors, and severed ties with their primary support system, their family! Although it feels like your teen is pushing you away, they are actually CRYING out for help, so get them help and the support you need today! 

Kabod counseling provides theraputic services to adolescents, teens, young adults and families who suffered from trauma that resulted from sexual abuse, physical abuse and emotional neglect.
We offer faith-based counseling to those who want to include their Christian faith in the therapy process. We look forward to your call and talking with you about how we can help!